Kuils River

(Blessed & Opened 1971, Dedicated 2001)

Tel: 021 903 6961 (presbytery). Fax: 086 208 1967 or 088 021 903 6961

CHURCH: 20 Station Rd, De Kuilen, Kuils River  Picture of Church & Street Map

PRESBYTERY: 33 Gerryts Street, De Kuilen, Kuils River 7580

POSTAL ADDRESS: PO Box 310 Kuils River 7579

EMAIL ADDRESS: whithornhouse@telkomsa.net or raphaelpthomas@gmail.com


PARISH PRIEST: Fr Raphael Thomas

PARISH DEACON: Dcn Johann Baartze

PARISH SECRETARY: Ms Cemelia Walbrugh. (Tue, Wed, Fri 09.00-14.00).

MASSESSat (for Sun) 18.00, Sun 08.00, 10.30 (Youth)

Tue Thu Fri 09.00, Wed 19.00

CONFESSIONS: Wed 18.00, Sat 17.00 or any time on request

MINISTRIES/SOCIETIES: Altar Servers, St Ninian’s Outreach, Fundraising Committee, Traditional Choir and Youth Band, Liturgical Dance Group, Rosary & Divine Mercy Groups, Proclaimers of the Word, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Sacristans, Catechists, Sons of St  Joseph, Kyrios Movement, RCIA, Catering & Hospitality Group, Media and Communications

CATECHETICS: Co-ord: Fr Oranusi. Tel: 021 903 6961. Email: sninsadmin@telkomsa.net.
Ms Carmolita Josephs. Email: carmolitajosephs@gmail.com

CHAPLAINCIES: Kuils River Hospital; De Kuilen, Eden Park & Sarepta Old Age Homes