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Sunday Cycle Year B / Weekday Cycle Year 2 (2024)

Should the widget below appear blank on your screen, please click this link:  http://adct.org.za/mass-readings/  It will give you the Scripture readings for daily Mass, the readings for the Prayer of the Church (Breviary), and many other Catholic prayers and Rites. Just navigate your way through the various menus available.


    • Dear Lisette, I have been advised by the Catechetics department that you will need to purchase one from the Catholic Bookshop (off Hope Street, Cape Town). Tel: 021 465 5904. It is titled Call to His Supper by Jeannine Timko Leichner. Regards Webmaster

  1. Santiago, bien venido a Cape Town! Holy Cross es una linda parroquia. Varios padres mexicanos han pasado por aquí. El sacedorte Gerardo es Mexicano, y una person verdaderamente linda, sinceramente – un angel. Desafortunadamente me acabo de enterar que el segundo padre (Pablo) fue transferido a Johannesburg.
    Nosotros somos Mexicanos, nacidos en estados unidos, pero más Mexicanos. Espero alguna día conocerles, extrañamos nuestra comida Mexicana, el español, y familia, claro.
    La gente en Cape Town son estupendas, hemos tenido la gran fortuna y bendición de conocer y compartir con varias familias locales. Te encantará. Que Dios te bendiga.

    English translation (Google Translate): Santiago, welcome to Cape Town! Holy Cross is a beautiful parish. Several Mexican parents have come here. The sacedorte Gerardo is Mexican, and a truly beautiful person, sincerely – an angel. Unfortunately I just learned that the second father (Paul) was transferred to Johannesburg.
    We are Mexican, born in the United States, but more Mexican. I hope one day to meet them, we miss our Mexican food, Spanish, and family, of course.
    The people in Cape Town are great, we have had the great fortune and blessing to meet and share with several local families. You’ll love it. May God bless you.

  2. Hello, I’ll be moving to Cape Town in the following weeks, is there any regular scheduled mass held in Spanish?

    Thank you!

    • Hi, there are a couple of Spanish priests in Cape Town, ministering to the Portuguese and Italian communities here, but as far as I understand there is no regular Mass in Spanish, as such. Webmaster.

    • Hi Fernanda
      The readings can be found in the App on the Daily Mass Readings page on our website.

  3. Based in London, UK: http://universalis.com/
    All the Roman Catholic Liturgical Calendars of the Different World Regions, Prayers & much more are available here: http://universalis.com/SAfrica/99991231/n-location.htm
    The Daily Holy Mass Readings & More for South Africa can be found here: http://universalis.com/SAfrica/mass.htm
    I know this will answer & assist those interested Catholics with their various requests.
    God Bless & A Very Happy 2016! Regards, an Ex-South African – Reykjavik, Iceland.

  4. PEACE!!

    Thank you for making it so easy to access the daily readings and more!



    • Hi Lee, the daily Mass readings are available through the App on this page. You will need to log on to access them. We are unfortunately not in a position to provide meditations on the readings. You can browse to our Links page to find various daily meditation options. Regards Webmaster

    • Daily Mass readings are available on this page. You will need to log on to access them – we are not able to send them to you.

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