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Ecclesia – Called By Name

Below please find downloads of the Catechists Manual and the Participants’ Book for the new season of Ecclesia “Called By Name”, starting October/November 2016.

Statement on the Hawks and their pursuit of Finance Minister, Mr Pravin Gordhan

25 August 2016The Jesuit Institute South Africa is seriously concerned with, what appears to be, the continued harassment by the HAWKS of the Minister of Finance, Mr. Pravin Gordhan. This harassment, which by all accounts has no legitimacy or credibility, has serious consequences for the country. The fall of the local currency on Tuesday/Wednesday is indicative of […]

Learning from the 2016 Elections

To the African National Congress last week must surely feel as, at worst, the rumour of defeat to come, at best a loud political wake-up call. Other parties need to take note too. Everyone knew the ANC would retain Durban and Bloemfontein without serious opposition, just as everyone assumed the Democratic Alliance would hold onto […]

Pope on Armenian Genocide

Earlier this week Pope Francis on a return trip from Armenia took a series of questions from journalists. Some of his responses, especially his comment about asking forgiveness of gay people and their families provoked a media storm. Yet, in reading the whole interview, I was struck by his consistent concern for all those who […]

Pope Francis on Islam

By Fr Anthony Egan, S.J. I really like to see, amidst the populist appeals of many politicians to the lowest – the very lowest – common denominator in humanity, that a public figure has the courage to talk sense about religion. The figure is (I am tempted to say again) Pope Francis. The occasion: his interview […]

Welcome to the Archdiocese of Cape Town.

Archbishop StephenAs the Archbishop of the Mother City of South Africa, of the first ecclesiastical territory to be established in Southern Africa (1818), I welcome you to this website.

It is my hope that it will inform you and provide you with any information you may require regarding this segment of the Catholic Church.

We also provide links with other websites which might interest you. If you require any information not included here, email us and we will do what we can to help.

If you have discovered this page by accident, you are especially welcome and I hope you will find it of some value and maybe help you to understand how the Catholic Church in Cape Town is trying to serve the community and so bring it closer to the Lord.

With my very sincere and best wishes

+Stephen Brislin