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Winter Living Theology 2014

Below are some pictures taken at the Winter Living Theology lectures at Schoenstatt, Cape Town, with Prof. Al Gini. Click on image to enlarge.  

Archdiocesan Health Care Association

Below are pictures taken at the Archdiocesan Catholic Health Care Association (ACHCA) meeting on 10 May 2014 at Nazareth House, Cape Town. Submitted by the association’s chaplain, Mgr Jock Baird.

Nurturing the Fruits of the Holy Spirit

by Frances Correia Fundamental to our Christian life is the reality that God is both interested in, and actively involved in, our lives.  Jesus came to tell us about God’s dream for the world: a dream that Jesus called ‘the kingdom of God’.  Our human task is to collaborate with the Holy Spirit to bring […]

The Faith Delusion?

CDs from Winter Living Theology 2013 ‘The Faith Delusion?’ with John Moffatt SJ Last year Fr John Moffatt travelled five cities across South Africa helping people to explain faith in the face of reason. His lectures were deep and insightful and were not afraid to tackle difficult topics such as evolution, science, revelation, and conflicts between Church teaching and modern […]

Year of the Deacon

Pray for your deacons. Download, and print the pdf (through Adobe Acrobat Reader), and insert in your daily missal or prayer book.

‘Our’ Girls

‘Our’ girls  by Raymond Perrier. It is not surprising that, the world over, people are concerned about the 230 teenage girls abducted in Northern Nigeria.  Although this incident has happened tens of thousands of miles away from the centres of economic and media power, everyone from Michelle Obama to girls in South African schools have been […]

Welcome to the Archdiocese of Cape Town.

Archbishop StephenAs the Archbishop of the Mother City of South Africa, of the first ecclesiastical territory to be established in Southern Africa (1818), I welcome you to this website.

It is my hope that it will inform you and provide you with any information you may require regarding this segment of the Catholic Church.

We also provide links with other websites which might interest you. If you require any information not included here, email us and we will do what we can to help.

If you have discovered this page by accident, you are especially welcome and I hope you will find it of some value and maybe help you to understand how the Catholic Church in Cape Town is trying to serve the community and so bring it closer to the Lord.

With my very sincere and best wishes

+Stephen Brislin