The Faith Delusion?

CDs from Winter Living Theology 2013
‘The Faith Delusion?’ with John Moffatt SJ

Last year Fr John Moffatt travelled five cities across South Africa helping people to explain faith in the face of reason.
His lectures were deep and insightful and were not afraid to tackle difficult topics such as evolution, science, revelation, and conflicts between Church teaching and modern morality.For those who missed the lectures, and those who would like to hear them again, we have good news for you.
A set of 8 CDs of the lectures is now available on sale at a price of R200.00 plus R50.00 for posting
To order a set, or for more info: Email –
John Moffatt is a British Jesuit working in South Africa. He studied Classics at university and since joining the Jesuits has done further studies in Philosophy and Theology. His main work in the UK has been as teacher and chaplain in the
Jesuits’ high schools in London and also as university chaplain at Oxford. He has become particularly interested in questions surrounding faith and reason and in developing a positive dialogue between traditional Christianity and secular culture.
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