1. Good day,
    Would it be possible to get all catechetical events planned for 2020.
    Thank you.

  2. I would like to purchase a missal. Where do I purchase this and how do I know if the correct one?

    • You can purchase a missal from the Catholic Bookshop. Call them on 021 465 5904 or email custserv.cbs@mweb.co.za to place an order, or visit the shop at The Grimley, 14 Tuin Plein (off Hope Street) Cape Town.

  3. Music Settings for Psalm and the Response for Sunday Services were can this obtained

    • Dear Seumas, apologies for the delay in replying to your message. It is probably best to contact Fr Rohan Smuts on cathedral@adct.org.za. He heads up the Archdiocesan Liturgical Committee and is best equipped to guide you in the right direction. Regards, Webmaster

  4. Dear Team
    Where am I able to obtain a the date of when a Priest died. I know the parish where he lived.

  5. Thank you for providing this calendar. Is there anywhere I can download a year look at diocese events and gatherings? Currently the only download available is a monthly look for the current month….

    • Hi Rick, where possible the major diocesan events have already been pencilled in to the Google calendar on our website. More detail is only added to them the month before publication of the monthly diary. Regards, Webmaster.

  6. Tomorrow 15 Ocr is the Rosary Rally Crusade around the world.. Is there an event in CT, if there is please provide details.

  7. AscensionThursday was a day of obligation so sad that it gets moved to a Sunday we are supposed to be a church of unity. I do not understand this as our church was always packed on Thursday
    Who made the decision it is very sad .wonder which next day of obligation gets shifted. The Ascension was 40 days not 43 days

    • Many of us simply cannot get off work on a day of obligation so to have it on a Sunday is a blessing. Don’t think only of yourself.

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