Second Collections in the Archdiocese of Cape Town 2021

The following table gives the dates, names and descriptions of second collections taken in all parishes of the Archdiocese throughout the year.

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Date        Collection
  Feb 7      Society of Missionary Children Collection (Holy Childhood)

The proceeds of this collection are sent to Rome for distribution to needy children around the Mission world, providing food, creches, pre-schools, health care, etc

  Feb 21      Lenten Appeal Collection begins

This collection is taken up on each of the six Sundays during the season of Lent. The money goes to the National Office of the Lenten Appeal and is allocated by the Bishops’ Conference. It provides the Bishops with a means of running their Conference Headquarters in Pretoria, helping the poor, as well as contributing towards the education of priests in South Africa.

  Apr 2      Good Friday Collection (Holy Places)

This collection is sent to the Commissariate of the Holy Land to help with the maintenance and upkeep of the holy places and shrines there. (Optional collection)

  Apr 25      Ecclesiastical Education Fund Collection

This collection belongs to the Archdiocese and is used exclusively for the upkeep and education of our own students to the Priesthood, as well as the ongoing formation of priests.

  May 2      PMS Membership Sunday Collection

The proceeds of this collection are sent to the headquarters of the Pontifical Mission-Aid Society in Rome, by way of membership subscriptions to the Society. Members are also obliged to pray for the work of the missions. (Optional Collection).

  May 30      Priests’ Medical Fund Collection  

Supports priests in active ministry who take ill, and as a result need hospitalisation, medical care or medication.

  Jul 4     Peter’s Pence Collection

The money for this collection is given to the Holy Father to enable him to aid victims of poverty and disaster throughout the world.

  Jul 11      Seafarers Sunday Collection

Helps to defray the costs of maintaining a full time chaplaincy to the port of Cape Town – attending to the needs of visiting seamen.

  Aug 8      Missionaries Education Fund (Opus Sancti Petri) Collection

This collection helps in the education of priests and religious throughout the missionary world.

  Sep 5      Social Communications Sunday

Supports the running of the Bishops’ Conference Social Communications’ Office in Pretoria. (Optional Collection).

  Sep 26      Priests’ Provident Fund (Retirement Fund) Collection

This fund provides for the needs of priests who, after years of faithful service in the Archdiocese, have now retired.

  Oct 17      Mission Sunday Collection

This collection is distributed by the Pontifical Mission-Aid Societies, for support of missionaries throughout the world.

  Oct 31      Prison Ministry Sunday Collection

Prison Care and Support Network (PCSN) renders emotional and spiritual support to prisoners and their families.

  Nov 28      Advent Appeal Collection begins

This collection is taken up on each of the four Sundays during the season of Advent. The proceeds are allocated by the Archdiocesan Finance Committee towards many charitable outreaches, pastoral training, for catechetical needs and for building and development projects in the Archdiocese of Cape Town.