Catholic Bishops Call for Calm in the Midst of Political Uncertainties

New and dangerous tensions are arising as the ruling party storms through a period of transition. The Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference calls on all engaged in political decisions regarding in particular the future role of President Zuma to exercise calm and patience.

Already opposing groups are gathering on the streets, whole provinces are becoming agitated and if these tensions are not resolved with goodwill the political climate will be further poisoned for generations. Without a quick decision the new administration of the ruling party will be judged as disunited and vacillating.

We call on President Zuma to act as an elder statesman and to put the good of the country first.

The Catholic Bishops also appeal to all South Africans to pray for stability and justice. We pray that the ruling party find a quick solution to the

present problem of transition of power for the sake of our people who struggle with poverty and unemployment.


Archbishop W. Slattery OFM 

For more information kindly contact: 

Archbishop William Slattery ofm, Archbishop of Pretoria (SACBC Spokesperson) 

Contacts: +2783468547. 

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