Update of the 2021 Archdiocesan Directory

Earlier this year Archbishop Stephen Brislin made the online edition of the 2021 Archdiocesan Directory freely available to all! It was also decided to publish an updated version of it on a quarterly basis. This is the first update since March 2021.

For your convenience, all website and email addresses in the directory are interactive. While browsing through it on your computer, simply click – or on your cellphone, tap – the address you want to go to and it will launch the website you wish to visit, or open your default email program with the address already loaded.

A PDF reader is needed to open and read the file. Most smartphones and computers come pre-loaded with a reader, but should you not have one, it is freely available for download from www.adobe.com. The PDF reader has a “Find” function at the top of the page which makes searching easy. Simply type in a key word, e.g. “Directory” and it will take you to all instances of the word occurring in the document. 

Save the file to a prominent place on your computer Desktop where it is easily accessible. To keep it in a dedicated place on your cellphone, simply download and install your favourite ebook reader from the Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iPhone) free of charge. These also have their own “Search” functions. 

We have endeavoured to ensure that the information in the directory is up to date, but should you find anything in need of correction please contact Stephen Docherty on the email below. Also, should you have any queries on navigating the document, please call 021 462 2417, or email publications@adct.org.za.

There are two files available for download, one adapted for a computer screen in “spread” or landscape format, and one adapted for a cellphone screen in portrait format. Choose the one – or both – to suit your needs. And make sure to delete your previous copy.

Just click on either, or both, files below and save them to your computer Desktop or device.

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