WARNING: Con Artist

It has been reported on a number of occasions (since November 2019) that a man is going around to parishes and church institutions with the purposes of soliciting money from them.

He is young, of portly build, and goes by different names. He appears to be quite familiar with, or knows a lot about the parish he approaches, i.e. names of parish staff members and ministers in the parish. He also appears to be quite familiar with the clergy he has already approached, convincing them that they know him, but don’t recognise him. 

Some of the stories reported so far in order to solicit money have been: regarding a job in East London; that his brother has committed suicide; and that his mother had passed away and the funeral is in Bloemfontein.

This man is very cunning and has already conned a number priests. He appears to be quite gentle, but could be very dangerous. Should he make contact with you, please contact Fr Mark Foster on 021 705 1506 or markfoster1@mweb.co.za


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