(Parish Established 1882, Blessed & Opened 1898, Dedicated 1997)
For additional services in this parish see also OBSERVATORYSALT RIVER

Tel: 021 448 2645. Fax: 021 448 8035

CHURCH: Dublin Street Woodstock 7925  Google Map

PRESBYTERY: 13 Dublin Street Woodstock 7925. PO Box 43344 Woodstock 7915

EMAIL ADDRESS: woodstock@adct.org.za


ASSISTANT PRIEST Fr William Ngwalo Bengo CS

MASSES Sat (for Sun) 17.00 (English), Sun 08.00 (Portuguese), Sun 10.00 (English), 12.00 (French). Also: Mass in French at 10.00 on the 1st & 3rd Sun at Elsie’s River; 13.30 on the 2nd & 4th Sun at Bergvliet; Port: Sat (for Sun) 19.30

Mon Fri Sat 08.30 (Portuguese), Tue-Thu 08.00 (English, Fri 18.00 (English)

Mass times during Covid 19 pandemic: French Mass 12.00; French Mass at Elsie’s River 10.00

CATECHETICS Phone priest for details.

Co-ordinator: Ms Denise Hanival. PO Box 901 Maitland 7404. Tel: 083 591 4522. Email: dvhanival@gmail.com

INSTITUTIONS Children of Hope Refugee Centre, St Agnes Primary School

CHAPLAINCIES McNulty House Old Age Home, Gill House Old Age Home, Pothier House Old Age Home, McCann House Old Age Home, Lawrence Henry House, Briggs Cottage Old Age Home, Haven; Portuguese Community: Fr Ivaldo Bettin CS; Apostleship of the Sea and Port Chaplain: Fr Rico Talisic CS. Tel: 063 984 4217; Francophone Chaplaincy: Fr William Ngwalo Bengo CS. Tel: 081 880 4010.