Blessed & Opened 1973, Dedicated 1991

Tel: 021 558 1412. Fax: 021 558 2043

CHURCH: 1 Goede Hoop Street Bothasig  Google Map

PRESBYTERY: PO Box 28007 Bothasig 7406



PARISH PRIEST: Fr Ivanhoe Allies (079 154 6919 /

PARISH DEACON Dcn Weston Barwise. Tel: 021 558 5890. Cell: 076 927 5401.

PARISH SECRETARY Ms Denise Taylor. Office hours: Tue-Fri 10.00-16.00

MASSES Sat (for Sun) 17.00, Sun 08.00, 10.00, 17.30

Wed Fri 09.00 (with Morning Prayer), Tue Thu 18.00

DEVOTIONS  Adoration 24 hours every day, Divine Mercy Chaplet after Mass on weekdays.

CONFESSIONS Sat 16.00-16.45 and by appointment

MINISTRIES/SOCIETIES  Child Safety Co-ord: Ms Bernadette Smith. Tel: 082 371 6936. Care Group, Hospitality, Healing, House Church, Helping Hands, CWL, Knights of da Gama, SVP,  Youth, Ushers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Altar Servers, Prayer Groups, Choirs (traditional, folk, youth & family), Senior’s Club, Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, Readers, Flower Arrangers, Liturgical Committee, Finance Council, Pastoral Council, LifeLine-trained counsellor, Bible sharing groups, Sacristans, Communications, Legion of Mary, Maintenance, Social Group, Candle cleaners, Fundraising Group, Ecclesia, Men’s Group, Lifeteen

CATECHETICS  Junior faith levels held at the Church and in Catechists’ homes in Bothasig, Monte Vista and Edgemead. 7 Junior Faith level classes and 22 Catechists. Confirmation Faith levels held at the church, RCIA and Life Teen – 13 Facilitators

Co-ordinator: Ms Bernadette Smith. Tel: 021 558 5820 (h) 021 403 7218 (w), 082 371 6936.

Lifeteen: Ms Robyn Oaker. Email: