Laudato Si’ Week

In preparation for Laudato Si week, a conference was scheduled at the Christian Brothers Centre, Stellenbosch on Saturday 9 May 2020, but due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, an online conference replaced it.  Christian Brother Terry Dowling gave a very valuable and informative presentation (see below). 

There is still time to sign up to Laudato Si week and we really hope that Br Terry’s presentation will motivate many to do so.  

In order to make headway in spreading this very critical and relevant information to every human being right now, we need to have a team that can collaborate and ensure that everyone hears about what and how they can do to make their own lives easier and improve the state of the world now and for future generations.  The coronavirus is yet another anthropological event creating more hard challenges for everyone but mostly poor and marginalised communities. 

Pope Francis’ homily today portrayed that we need a kind of ‘peace that looks to heaven’, and the only way we will find this real peace is in how we live now.  Brother Terry brings this together incredibly well in his presentation through explaining the presence of Eucharist in our lives today.  

How wonderful is it that we now have Laudato Si’ week, made possible through digital technology, to participate fully in the retreats, workshops, activities, and prayer?  The present coronavirus troubles and tribulations are at the centre of the week-long event. 

Laudato Si’ Week helps us reshape the world that will arise after the pandemic has passed. The present crisis is an opportunity to start anew, and to make sure that the world that arises after this crisis has passed is sustainable and just.

Please sign up for Laudato Si’ Week by clicking the link above so we can grow our South African awareness and really can make life better for all, where the eventual living in peace and harmony in a just, sustainable world is a very possible reality.

Here is Br Terry’s presentation on Eco Spirituality, from the Christian Brothers’ Centre, Stellenbosch.

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