Proposed changes in Covid-19 Safety Measures for our Liturgies

Please see the most recent letter from Bishop Sylvester David OMI regarding changes to safety measures for our liturgies.

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  1. It may be time to ease up and allow congregational singing. Our continued (and at times, failed) attempt to prevent congregational singing, makes little sense.

  2. Re singing, I personally have a problem with one cantor singing several verses at the top of voice with an extremely loud organ including fanfares before and after the Gospel. Often the hymns are not well known and we cannot make out the words so cannot ‘sing along’ in our minds. I do not think 2 cantors will be an improvement.
    So I am surprised but pleased to see the word ‘brevity’ in the latest letter of Bp Sylvester.
    Less solo organ, reduction of cantor singing to one verse, would be welcome. Also sermons of 20-25 minutes are also over the top.

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