Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…

When you are used to having very little, anything more makes you feel like you have won the lottery. That is how we felt when the Archdiocese of Cape Town donated another 75 food parcels, besides the 80 that they have donated a few weeks ago, to help feed rural farm families on Middelpos and surrounding farms. The joy, gratitude and much appreciation were visible in the eyes of the families who received it. The families clung onto the bags as if it was the most precious possession and the children could not wait to take out the food! Their smiles broadened each time they showed others a can of food or a packet from the food parcel. We drove home knowing that amongst all the sadness and suffering, this precious gift of a food parcel may be an answer to many prayers. A million thank yous to Archbishop Stephen Brislin, Bishop Sylvester David, Eugene Jackson and everyone else involved in working so hard to raise the funds and pack the bags and donate it to our rural farm families in an effort to help fight the spread of coronavirus, restore human dignity and give hope. 

To date, with all the donations that we have received in our bank account and via our givengain facebook campaign, we have distributed a total of 251 food parcels to help 1 305 vulnerable children, women and elderly people on Middelpos and surrounding farms. 

In addition to this, the children and their mothers donated 900kgs of fresh vegetables, more than 100 self-made cloth masks, jam and pickled vegetables worth nearly R80 000 to the farm families. They hope to continue to grow food and make masks to have surplus to start selling to the public in the near future. If you would like to order cloth masks or donate a fresh veggie bag to a farm family, please let us know. 

A million thank yous to everyone who has so far supported our food campaign. 

The struggle is far from over! We are still 8 food parcels short to finish the first round, then we start again, till such time that things are easier for the families. Please send us a donation to help support our food campaign on rural farms by clicking on the link below or requesting our bank details. Thank you so much.


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