An Announcement from Archbishop Brislin

Please see the attached video recording from Archbishop Stephen Brislin regarding the live streaming of Sunday Mass this coming Sunday.

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  1. Thank you Your Grace for your kind, heartfelt and thoughtful words. We keep you and all our clergy and religious in our prayers during these trying times.

  2. Thank you so much Your Grace. What a thoughtful idea, to be united in prayer at your Chapel in your home. A real privilege. Thank you. God bless

  3. Thank you Archbishop. Your care fr us is felt and we pray fr u at this time. May God love and bless you.

  4. Thank you so much for keeping us all in your thoughts and prayers. Its is times such as these when our faith is tested however because of strong and prayerful leaders such as yourself that we grow in our faith.

  5. Thank you Archbishop for reaching out and touching the people that are in your care. Your prayers, words of encouragement and advice, are greatly appreciated and will heal broken souls at this time. Our unity as Christians is vital for the sustaining stability and much needed growth that will ensure that the Inevitable transformation of all our lives through this pandemic and in the new way will live after it is over.

    May I also include Radio Veritas to my fellow Cape Town Catholics? The programmes which include spiritual services like daily Holy Mass -(that can be streamed as well via their website) excellent programmes on social issues including reflection on the following Sunday readings, the rosary and now in lent, the stations of the cross, the angelus, the divine mercy, and much more. As I go about my daily work and household chores, I find Radio Veritas to be very uplifting and healing.
    Your faithful servant, Berni Crewe-Brown

  6. Wise and inspiring words from both our shepherds. The word love has come out very strongly. So we need to practice it, especially in our parish communities. It’s not an easy time for our priests. So let’s heed the messages of both our Archbishop as well as the Auxiliary and pray, but at the same time put our words into action,

  7. Thank you, Archbishop Brislin, and may God bless you abundantly during these difficult times. You strengthen us with your loving care and your prayers. Please know how much I and I am sure many in the Archidiocese, appreciate the efforts you and the other clergy are making to maintain spiritual contact with us, your flock. And please know you are all in my prayers. Grace and blessings to you all.

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