Bicentennial Mass Pics

Below see gallery of pics from the bicentennial Mass at the Bellville Velodrome. Click on first pic to open the gallery.


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  1. Dorothy Lawrence is my exact sentiment. She mentioned everything and our group felt the same. We would have Loved to sing”How great is our God”. It was an awesome beautiful event. It truly was very inspiring. Loved every minute of everything.!Well done to all the organizers.👍

  2. Thank you for this special event. Good organising. Archbishop Brislin’s homily was thought-provoking. We were blessed .The big screens were helpful, no strain on the eyes. The sound was very good. Extra help for the seniors much appreciated. The choir in colourful garb certainly gave of their best. Loved the bidding prayers coming from all nations. Monsignor Borello very clear with the introduction and instructions. The procession was orderly (some naughty priests could not hold back with big grins and waves) . We, the laity, also get excited when we see well-loved faces. We loved the dancers, graceful and well-trained. Music ministry thanks for the prep and time
    Recommendations: Perhaps some praise singing beforehand. Many people came early. Some people from deaneries to represent the laity. We are Church. Hymn choice? Quite a few we did not know. Do plan a few more modern hymns with good theology behind them. The second choir needed better sound. We would have loved to see the camera zooming in on the Bishops when they were introduced. Singing of Salve Regina too soft. Are we challenging the Government and the Mayor on the absence of a rep? Looking at the crowd, it was easy to see who attended. The absence of others from the leafy suburbs ? ?

    I did speak with friends from at least 6 parishes, and we seemed to agree on the above

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