Caring for God’s Creation


Is Climate Change real, or are the current weather patterns natural? Do you believe it will all be fine, and that there is too much hype around Climate Change? Do you feel that the way we live – our habits, and lifestyle – do not need to change?  

On 25 June 2022 Dr Christopher Jack from the Climate System Analysis Group (CSAG) at UCT said: …we’re really dealing with multiple things changing at the same time, which makes it very dynamic and quite complex. And, of course, we’re thinking across multiple timescales… many of us are very aware of climate change through the lens of increasing droughts and decreasing water availability, yet in Cape Town we still have flooding events, which is… too much rainfall, too much water, and these would seem to be somewhat contradictory”

Current projections suggest that “Cape Town will likely continue to get drier into the future… but we need to be aware that we must not expect less-extreme flooding events like we experienced in June and we’ve experienced previously. We need to be aware that potentially, extreme events will be increasing.

Believe it or not, we all must play our part in conserving our immediate environment, which will assist in the adaptation and, if necessary, the mitigation of disasters. We all need to be part of the end of Climate Change and work towards the restoration of a thriving Mother Earth for those of us living now, as well as for future generations.

Are we aware that what is happening in the environment around us is due to our actions? Are we aware of the hurt we cause our Creator when we litter? Are we aware of the thirst we create when we waste water?

As a new year’s resolution begin your own personal eco-audit for yourselves, in your homes, in your community, and in your parish. Become aware of your lifestyle. Ask yourself if you are part of the solution to this restoration or if you are a part of the problem?

We need to ‘see, judge and act’ – which the Church calls us to both in the Synod of Synodality and in Caring for Creation. There are seven Laudato Si’ Goals, which are also part of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. These are fully inclusive of all areas of life on the planet and need everyone’s attention to achieve a sustainable and thriving future on Mother Earth.

On the Archdiocese website you will be able to link to the Eco-audit that you can begin. The Seven Goals need to be met for an end to Climate Change and harmony on Mother Earth. See where you are at, discern the most important areas to begin and then take the plunge and make changes in your life.

Berni Crewe-Brown

Posted in Archdiocesan News.


  1. Greetings David,

    Thank you for commenting on the article Caring for God’s Creation.

    Pope Francis encourages us to speak out whenever we are concerned about actions or non-actions taken around us.

    Pope Francis brought science and faith together in his comprehensive letter to all Humanity published in 2015.

    Laudato Si’, Caring for our Common Home.

    Here is a link to obtain your own pdf copy of the encyclical.

    The Encyclical illustrates the importance of everyone becoming aware of God’s call for custodianship of the gift of all creation.

    Please read it and I welcome you to contact me with any queries, questions and/or observations you might want to discuss further. I can also link you to Catholic Scientists to confirm that caring for creation is part of God’s call in and through our Church.

  2. ‘Climate change’ debate is out of the jurisdiction of Mother Church. They got no expertise or cred. Just stick to what you know and should teach (Jesus’ word). Any commentary would either be obvious or subjective.

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