Guidelines for the immediate re-opening of Churches

Attached please find updated guidelines from Auxiliary Bishop Sylvester David OMI for the re-opening of Churches and the celebration of the Sacraments during revised level 3 lockdown,

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  1. I was so happy when I saw the headlines on this page that our churches were going to be reopened again but oh dear only a certain percentage. It frustrates me that we can sit in taxis jam-packed like sardines ,laughing and talking to one another but our churches have to have a certain percentage with social distance included. People can protest for beaches to reopen but they will not protest for the reopening of our churches.I don’t know if they dont have the guts to do it or what. We just ACCEPT whatever they tell us to do.I am so FED UP of this Covid 19 and having to live like this. I don’t understand how some people can not Stand Up and fight for GOD, but they are happy when the ban on the alcohol was lifted. And for every one of God’s people to do nothing about this is UNACCEPTABLE.The HOUSE of GOD is the Only place I feel(maybe I’m just being naive) the virus will stand a chance.If 2 or more ask for something in HIS name just imagine what will be accomplished.I’m happy that God heard my prayer about the reopening of our churches I’m sure there are many that prayed the same prayer but it is WRONG that all of us or at least More cannot attend. I PERSONALLY am not afraid of this Virus.I ask GOD to protect my family and myself everyday.BUT to be afraid of a virus NEVER!!!!! I am fed up with it.My GOD is stronger and I know that when I die I’ll go to heaven.

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