Leadership Training Course

A leadership training course for anyone involved in Ministry was held in the Chancery chapel and the Cathedral hall on Saturday 24th January 2015. Attached is a PowerPoint presentation  on the second module Practical Skills for Leadership in Ministry. The four modules of leadership are: 1. Called to Mission; 2. Practical Skills for Leadership in Ministry; 3. Essentials of Leadership; 4. Child Protection Policy.

Practical Skills for Leaders

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  1. Hi there

    Thank you for the material for Module 2. What material is available for Module 1 please?

    When will the training for the other two modules take place? And how is this information circulated?

    Kind regards

    • Hi Theodore
      Notification about this training course was originally disseminated via the parishes. Notes for all the modules are disseminated at the course itself – but unfortunately the only digital version of the notes was for module 2, whereas notes for the other modules are in hard copy. I think all the modules have already been presented for this course. A repeat of this same training course will be on 25 and 30 July 2015, so you will have to come to the course to receive the notes.
      Kind regards
      Stephen Docherty

      • Hi Stephen

        I thank you for the response.

        Please keep me up-to-date.


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