1. While we must avoid any opportunity to expose parishioners to the Coronavirus, we cannot simply sit back and follow the popular trend of churches keeping the churches (now all over social media) closed in spite of the Government allowing the churches to have services under Lockdown Level 3 regulations. The Catholic Church is an organised religion and that means there is every opportunity to organise parishioners to come to the Holy Mass in an organised and safe manner. The church must consider two or three, instead of one Holy Mass on a Sunday. We now have to consider going beyond stage one in using social media to organise parishioners for exercising their faith actively, but safely. Consider for a moment that, if not all, almost every parishioner probably has access to a cellphone. Or organise parishioners to come to church every second Sunday. And what stops the Church from allowing parishes from parishioners having access to the Sacrament of Reconciliation? There is a great hunger for the Eucharist; we must find a way to get the people back to church. With a little effort, all of this is wholly possible at this time, I think.

  2. Dear Archbishop
    Out of the Box Thinking ?
    During the lockdown period many churches have thought of ways to conduct services, and I have been wondering if the following has merit ?
    In some USA States services have been conducted in church Car Parks where the church have linked into radio frequencies or speakers provided by the church (just like we used to do when going to the Drive Inns during the 60s and 70s before TV).
    I feel that the above is well worth considering to keep our congregations in tacked ?
    The slogan could be.
    ‘Come as you are but stay in your car ‘
    I would welcome your comments?

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