Prayer and Reflection by Archbishop Brislin

Every Wednesday, for the duration of the lockdown in South Africa, Archbishop Stephen Brislin will present a prayer and reflection for the people of the Archdiocese of Cape Town (and beyond). In turn, Bishop Sylvester David will present a reflection on every Friday of the lockdown. Here is Archbishop Brislin’s reflection for today, Wednesday 25 March 2020.

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  1. Thank you so much your grace for keeping us spiritually nourished during these difficult times.

    I am not deaf myself but would like to re-iterate the need to make sure that those who are deaf and hard of hearing are included during this period. I know that sign language interpreters are costly to hire and would like to propose that the Achdioece puts out an advert to look for voluntary sign language interpreter services from the Catholics in the Diocese.

  2. Thankyou but what about deaf people like myself and my husband who re unable to hear you speaking and finding difficult to lipreading you too. How about organising a interpreter on video and on you tube as well?

    Finding very frustrating when people don’t think about us being deaf human being ..

    Please do something about it asap.

    • Dear Harold and Sandra
      Many thanks for your message on our website. I have forwarded it to Fr Mark Foster, the chaplain to the deaf community as well as a copy to the Archbishop.
      Kind regards

  3. Thank you Archbishop Brislin, our Priests here in Fish Hoek/Kommetjie and yourself have really pushed the boat out to keep us spiritually nourished. We salute you and ask Our Dear Lord to keep you all in the palm of his hands.

  4. Thank you for your beautiful words Father. I pray that God protect our own Archbishop, and all His clergy throughout South Africa and the world. May the breath of Our Lord, bless all those who have the best interests of their flocks, in their hands and hearts.

  5. Thank you your Grace, may God’s light shine upon you and bishop Sylvester and may He grant all the health and strength during this trying time. God bless and keep safe you are in our prayers.

  6. A huge thank you. Those moments will keep the presence of Jesus strong in our homes which I am finding so amazing with the live streaming of daily Mass. Fr. Emil Blazer has carried me through the years with ‘As the sun sets’.

  7. Thanks so much Archbishop Brislin for the reading, prayer and message on the Solemnity of the Annunciation. Thanks also for the meaningful suggestions on how to structure our days. May God Bless you and I know I join many Catholics who appreciate your leadership and guidance.
    Barbara Houghton

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