1. As always the perpetrators will not read nor hear nor understand this statement if they do. Statements are just not enough anymore. The Anglican Church had a special service to pray. I am the least to talk as I cannot do anything but offer up my tiny prayers.

  2. To all that are doing wrong please invite God into your life you will find peace… We serve a mighty living God please stop the violence and do things the legal way not fighting and killing… I pray for those who are doing wrong and that God will come into their lives and see how much he loves us amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. As a catholic I’m very shocked at what is going on in this country….violence is not the answer to this…. I’m actually very very disappointed in the government…. Poor people are suffering our children are suffering.. Hospital staff are suffering all the sick in hospital are suffering….. I had to walk to hospital today with my walking stick but I made it back home safe… God did not create us to fight but love one another… Corruption in this country is becoming worse… From my point of view South Africa will never ever come a country of peace… Why kill.. God said though shall not kill…. Our late mr nelson mandela would of done this in a very very good way rip 🙏🙏🙏… Our families are suffering with shortness of food our children can’t even go to school…. My daughter goes to a special shcool for needs and wants to become a chef.. She cannot go… What about the poor children… The crime rate is so high that I feel i need to leave this country and go live in a country crime free…. The freedom we got is not free too much evil things are happening… We should live as one…. Not fight against one another…. Obey the 10 commandments please 🙏🙏🙏…. I’m very very disappointed in this country and government…. South Africa is not a safe country to stay anymore…. I pray that the almighty God protect our children family our elders… This must come to a end i pray for our president that he will come to a positive response… May God bless him abundantly…. He is a man of integrity… I want to pray… Lord Jesus please come to our aid and stop all the violence in this country protect our families our children our elders our bishops our priest lord… You are a mighty living God and i know that you will protect all South Africans… Please protect all from the evil one i pray this prayer in the mighty name of Jesus christ amen 🙏🙏🙏

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