1. I read with much attention the report. It is a clear reflection of a serious process of listening and discussion. It is a honest presentation of the reality of the Archdiocese, with its strengths and its shadows, opened to continue the journey with commitment based on faith in the presence of the Holy Spirit who guides and inspires the church of Cape Town in a wide and long road of synodality, always open to continue discovering the seeds of the Kingdom and make them grow and flourish.

  2. Congratulations and thanks to all those involved in the compilation of this comprehensive synthesis.
    I ,however, propose that much more emphasis could be accorded to Youth development, RCIA and diverse and vibrant community structures e.g, wards and SCC.
    Another grossly lacking area is renewal of parish church buildings, e.g. “fonts” for baptism by “immersion” and celebration of Baptism rites within the context of the Mass.
    Also, lack of “minor” ministries, which seem to have all but being “shelved”, yet could alleviate and assist where ordained ministers are severely hampered.
    However, a “great” document deserving sincere congratulations.

  3. Well summarised thank you. We pray that the Holy Spirit will guide all in the way of Jesus Christ and making all feel His Presence clearly in all we do.

  4. The current effect of Climate change on our earth and all our communities seems to be left out of this Synodal message yet, it is holistically included in both Pope Francis’ encyclicals Laudato Si’ and Fratellit Tutti.

    As a sustainable development specialist who has worked for the past six years, in our Archdiocese of Cape Town for our church to work together to change our lifestyles in line with the 7 Laudato Si’ comprehensive and all-inclusive goals. I would like to be given the opportunity to present and explain this important link to the Synodal team and most especially, to your grace, Archbishop Stephen Brislin.

    At the current COP 27 the UN https://media.un.org/en/asset/k1m/k1miby0flu we are hearing the same urgent request for our comprehensive involvement that is also called for by our Catholic Church. Why is it being ignored or left out of this Synodal message and call for action?

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