The Southern Cross

We are forwarding this appeal from the Southern Cross, who will be badly affected if parishioners can’t get their copy while Masses are cancelled.

18 March 2020

Dear Father/Sister/Sir/Madam/Distributor

This is probably the last thing on your mind right now — but the survival of The Southern Cross depends on your support and help while the Covid-19 virus restrictions are in place.

We will carry on publishing, continuing our record of not having missed a single week’s publication in almost 100 years.

We would therefore please ask you to advise all your fellow Catholics through your email contacts, any social media, any parish newsletter etc. that they can subscribe to our digital version or to our printed edition which will be posted directly to them. They can do so by emailing or going to

We would welcome any other suggestion of how we can get The Southern Cross to our loyal readers.

This will become even more urgent in case all of our churches are forced to close altogether for the duration of the pandemic.

These are trying times for all of us, but our continued existence in our 100th year depends on your help.

Please pray for us as we pray for all our priests and collaborators in the social communications apostolate.

Rosanne Shields                                                        Gunther Simmermacher

CHAIR                                                                          EDITOR          

Tel: 021 465 5007 – Fax: 021 465 3850 – Cell: 083 233 1956 (w)

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