Vocations – with Fr Shaun Addinall

Join us this evening at 8pm via Facebook Live with Fr Shaun Addinall as he talks about Vocations, and answers any questions you may have! Follow @CATHOLICYOUTHCT. We hope to see you there.

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  1. Good evening Father Addinall et al!
    If I may, I wish to comment briefly on the subject of Vocations. In Cape Town especially there are many religious orders that are literally dying out before our very eyes like the Dominican Cabra Sisters and others. For many years they have not seen vocations. We are all worried that all their time and efforts over a hundred years will simply be represented by plaques and portraits to show that they once lived among us. There are many Catholic children today who have never met a Nun or Brother. There are certain factors that deter young people from entering the religious life and/or the priesthood e.g. the uncertainty of where they will end up serving, medical aid, basic necessities like clothes, toiletries etc.and will they have a choice in any decisions that will be made concerning their future in the Church. The most important factor I think is celibacy which must be dealt with in the light of thousands of abuse cases within the Church. The subject of celibacy must be addressed on your media platforms and privately to completely educate the aspirant novice to fully understand what is meant by celibacy. These and many other related topics should be discussed because year in and year out there are so many vocation outreach programs but very little progress is made. Tick tock – tick tock – the clock is ticking, many religious houses are closing their doors and one wonders: should we follow The Holy Spirit who is maybe trying to lead us in other ways of service. Perhaps religious orders should try to be more flexible and not so rigid in some of their rules. I wish you all the best!!! God bless!!!

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