A Spiritual Communion Service in the Home

The Archdiocese of Cape Town has issued this downloadable Spiritual Communion Service for use in the home, adapted from Vatican News. Please circulate and share as widely as possible.

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  1. Thank you so much Arch . I enjoyed the video Mass. It made me think of the countries that have very little Priest. We are very blessed to be directed by the Arch Bishop and our Priest. We laity, must also think of our Priest who celebrate Mass. They are also required to obey the rules. This way we will not be in danger. There is no distinction. The virus spreads from person to person. And quickly. What are people going to do if we have a “lock out”. Everything will be closed and we will be bound inside our homes. This is so serous. So please, please pray at home. Say the Rosary and the Divine Mercy. Cry to Our Lord for mercy. Have Spiritual Communion. Moses pleaded for the Lord to save his people. Our Priest are also praying for us. We have to prostate or go down on our knees. Lets all be good christians. We can be Priests in our homes, to our families. God have mercy on all of us. Only prayer can help us now. For we are the church.

  2. This is really a sad moment in the history of the Church.
    As leader of the flock here in Cape Town, I’m sure it was not an easy decision to make. However was there or are there no other alternatives than suspending Holy Mass. The Mass is the center of our Catholic Christian lives. So my dear Archbishop, I pray that through the intercession of St Joseph,Patron of the Universal Church, that the suspension of Masses will be lifted for the celebration of Holy Week. May God continue to give you the wisdom and strength to guide and lead us through this difficult period

  3. These are difficult times for everybody and I sympathise with a lot of comments and suggestions here and elsewhere – outside the sphere of a spirituality across churches. Perhaps a balanced approach is the best way to go.

  4. My heart cries out when I hear and feel the pain and suffering Mark Rhodes is experiencing but I think containing COVID19 and lowering the curve is crucial to our physical lives now and the future. If this pandemic gets out of hand the disaster will be a regime shift that will affect our lives permanently in a drastic way. So let us listen to the medical experts and be as cautious as possible.
    Radio Veritas can be found on DSTV 870. They celebrate Holy Mass at midday every day and other wonderful services and programmes for our diverse South African community. https://www.radioveritas.co.za/ Honestly, Radio Veritas besides the Youtube casts and this beautiful Spiritual Communion service can certainly keep our faith alive and strong through this time of Global Disaster.

    A prayer at this Corona Virus time of crisis that I have found on Facebook: is one of many ways that communities locally and internationally are linking together in solidarity to overcome this time of disaster. https://web.facebook.com/groups/ImStayingCatholic/

  5. people go to work every day follow procedures ,using public transport like myself…we are not prepared to loose money …as this will affect the whole family fianacially…the church is not prepared to carry us financially ,but spiritually the one thing i love about my God and the community in which i serve i will be prepared to die for is Holy Mass and give thanks to our God every day.I thank my God each time i think of you and when i think of you ARCHBISHOP OF CAPETOWN I PRAY WITH LOVE.

  6. it is not fair that you cancel mass…we have worked out a plan how mass can be celebrated within the …why don’t you consult the laity first …the mass for the people .we should take this up with the constitutional court or get an urgent court order from stopping you to do your own thing…three documents from Rome, Archdiocese of Cape Town and the sacbc all three different …some people including yourself just give themselves the right to do as they please…without the people of God we are nothing …the people is the church.
    The government has also given directives, why could you not just use it

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