Archdiocesan News 2 of 2020

Welcome to our first interactive edition of the Archdiocesan News! Because our churches are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, this edition will not be printed. Rather, it will be sent out digitally via email and social media.

This edition is interactive insofar as all hyperlinks (i.e. digital access to other web-based resources and addresses) are available, and are highlighted in blue for your convenience. So where you see text, a website link or an email address in the colour blue (except, of course, for headings in blue) you can access further information to enhance your read of the Archdiocesan News. Some graphics are also hyperlinks (sometimes to download resources), but the text linked to them will indicate where they are.

We ask that you send this Archdiocesan News on as far and as wide as possible on your parish and personal social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp or email, so that as many as possible in the Archdiocese (and further) can read it. Just copy the URL address in the attachment below and paste it in your application. It will also be on our Archdiocese of Cape Town Facebook page, so please share it to other pages from there too. Happy reading!

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